Handmade Soy Candles

Wow Your Nose with the Scent of Soy Wax Melts

Soy wax is preferred by many people thanks to its natural origin. Compared to traditional paraffin, it produces a much smaller amount of byproducts when burned. This makes it easier to breathe in rooms where soy wax melts or homemade soy candles are used. Melts made of soy also last longer since they melt at lower temperatures than paraffin.

Since the point of wax melts is to spread a scent into the room, attention must also be paid to the agents used to create that scent. Normally, someone who makes their melts from soy wax will use natural ingredients, such as essential oils, to produce the scent. This is true of Vicas Melts in the UK, where concentrated fragrance oils are mixed into the wax. Since their oils are concentrated, you can smell a warm melt throughout all but the largest rooms.

The lower melting point of handmade soy candles is said to make them last longer, as well. It also causes there to be a larger pool of melted wax around the burning wick, which releases more scent into the air. Therefore, soy candles are great choices for scent-lovers.

A wider variety of colors and designs is possible with handmade soy candles. A high-speed factory can only achieve its scale by making a whole lot of very few designs. Conversely, people who make candles by hand don't have to worry about shutting down production lines to create variations. Each batch is small, so it's no big deal to change from one candle design or scent to another.


For a large selection of soy wax melts and handmade soy candles, made for delivery to the UK, visit Vicas Melts' site. Handmade soaps and bath dust are also available.