Handmade Soaps

Fun Shapes are Hallmarks of Handmade Soaps

Even though soap has a basic purpose, it doesn't have to be boring. If you're looking for a bar of soap that's fun to use, you simply need to choose handmade soaps. These are often made using molds that give them shapes that are fun and friendly instead of merely utilitarian.

At Vicas Melts in the UK, dog shapes are currently in good supply. French bulldogs, pugs, and others are represented. It's also possible to get paw-shaped soaps, so dog lovers aren't out of luck if their dogs aren't one of the featured breeds. Some of the soaps are small and some are large, so you can get the ones that best fit the hands of the expected users.

Fun shapes aren't the only possibilities with handmade soaps. Soap with massaging bumps and soap/loofah combos are other options. All come in multiple colors.